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Kait Kucy

I'm a lifestyle writer.

Kait Kucy is a writer and photographer specializing in lifestyle trends, home decor, style and travel.

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The Calgary Herald

Fashion designer returns to her roots after her splash in the Big Apple

Fashion designer returns to her roots after her spl...

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The Calgary Herald

Van culture: Celebrating shag carpet, air-brushed scenes and velour curtains

There’s no longer any need to fear the panel van blasting classic rock in the parking lot. It’s not there to intimidate. It’s just celebrating van culture.

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The Calgary Herald

Doc Martens proves the spirit of the '90s is alive

Doc Martens proves the spirit of the '90s ...
By Kait Kucy

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The Calgary Herald

Is it ok to crowdfund your vacation?

The fact that Gawker raised $200,000 on indieGoGo to purchase a video alleged to show the Toronto mayor smoking crack raises challenges for more mainstream causes. The novelty of crowdfunding only goes so far, says Holly Bird of Adesso Creative. “Non-profits and charities need to start thinking more strategically and creatively about their funding campaigns.”

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The Calgary Herald

Woodworker turns found timber into functional furniture and striking objects

The sunlight streaming into John Fache’s garage-studio reveals a few things. Most apparent are the curios, antique industrial treasures and modern power tools. But what the light points out most starkly is that Fache is more than just a woodworker; somewhere along the way the 23-year-old became something of an anthropologist.

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The Calgary Herald

Jump to the Pump: Refill your 'beer buckets'

Jump to the Pump: Refill your 'beer buckets'

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The Calgary Herald

Sayuki Custom Cosmetics made for your skin shade

Sayuki invented a process similar to Home Depot’s paint-matching system...

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The Calgary Herald

Design Decoder: Rick Janzen

Rick Janzen’s home studio is filled with stencils, sculpture work and archival materials. To compound his space issues, a vintage aqua motorboat—a gift from his father—is taking up half of the space when I visit.

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The Calgary Herald

Design Decoder: Veronica Murphy

Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one—it’s pure muscle memory as Veronica Murphy knits at STASH Needle Arts Lounge, her crafty clubhouse/store tucked away in Inglewood. By Kait Kucy

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The Calgary Herald

Steampunk'd Boots

For the 101st version of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, step it up a notch with a pair of sophisticated leather boots glammed up with a shiny gold toe cap but kept walkable with a rubber sole.

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The Calgary Herald

Riding the Learning Curve

Riding the Learning Curve

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The Calgary Herald

Swerve DIY: Op Art Gift Wrap

This week’s custom gift wrap project is perfect for the art lover in your life....

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The Calgary Herald

This Week's Must-Have: Seletti Neon Letters

Neon signs have long mesmerized us with their enticing gas glow....

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The Calgary Herald

DIY: The Perfect Bow

Add glam to your gifts with this step-by-step instruction on tying bows....

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The Calgary Herald

DIY: Party In a Box Bookends

Easy steps to make a pair of minimalist yet shindig-worthy bookends....